Forbidden Trip: a free Total Conversion for Amnesia: TDD!

This is your story. In our current time, in a parallel world, layers of reality are melting in the eastern continent, where strange grudges and ghosts appear to reclaim… justice? What happened? What will you do? What have you done? 🔮

Totally new visuals, monsters, quests, story, soundtrack…
play the public Early Access, it’s available since Xmas 2019.
Major 1.2 content & optimization update was released on the 1st of May 2020! Read the news for more information!

Game & mod creator/enthusiast

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Forbidden Trip: Early Access 1.2 is out!

Hey stalkers! Quick news! The big 1.2 content update is finally available!New maps, a lot of cool things added, corrections, optimizations and more.Read all that on Mod DB here! Download it there as well! Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (package 1.2 – 20200501) – Mod DB Have fun! 😜

About me? Really?

Hey there! So, where to start… ah, play this music while you read! 😄

Born in 1989, I started creating maps and campaigns especially for RTS‘s and FPS‘s in the late 90’s. In early 00’s I started creating 2D games (Sonic fan-games to be more precise) among other prototypes. I had fun recreating almost all kind of 2D game genres if not all… I already have the next game project in the pipes, ideas, always ideas! I’ll work on it after Forbidden Trip gets released! Hint: light guns. 😜

Since 2013, I have been working on Forbidden Trip: a free Total Conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Coming in different episodes, the biggest part is already ready to be shipped, the last one needs to be polished. Public early access online for Xmas 2019, check the blog section! 🎮

I work on these projects when I can and also when I’m in the mood, for my pleasure before all! It was nearly impossible between early 2018 and the end of 2019 to do so because I was too exhausted with my IRL job… such is life! Gotta get that cash right? 😎 If you think the updates are a little too slow (they sure are) and want to make a small optional donation, now you can, check Patreon. If you prefer you can easily help by just watching an ad or two on uTip! Money, money, money.

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You can reach me here, Twitter: @Yanka_Prod

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