Relax… take a sit and a drink… 💺🍵
This is just a quick message don’t worry!

The purpose of this website is to showcase my previous, current & future works regarding modding, mapping, more generally everything related to video games creation.

I might add other things; like photography or music… I will see, not very urgent.

The current big project is Forbidden Trip, also known as the Cadaver Party Project. Started in 2013, it was more or less… erm… halted during 2018 & 2019 because of IRL work. Hey, that’s life! 😏

Now I have time for myself again so… let’s finish it. Oh well boom just like that: public early access is planned for Q4 2019.
No more delay. 📅


To resume, expect more content, other games, past or present prototypes, maps etc. in the future. That’s a strange sentence to read and I’m repeating myself, damn. Well at least I am clear… am I? 🤔

Feel free to contact me if needed and have a veeeery nice day/night, stalkers! 👺


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