Update before Early Access, happy F13th!

🔪 Hello stalkers and happy Friday the 13th! 🎶

Today I just want to give you another quick update on what’s going on!
Disclaimer: the gif above shows my current mood, it’s that good. 😏

Write, save,
recompile, test,
restart process.
Wooo, mysterious blur!! 👻

These days I essentially do a lot of proofreading as well as some edits to make sure everything is fine for the upcoming Early Access! There will be English on release, other languages may come in the future, French at least. 🥖

Since the last blog update, improvements were made on different maps, especially in the optimization & visual departments! Those were the last big tasks I had planned.
Some scripting updates were done here and there as well.

I also re-introduced and finished areas that I had removed at some point, which means there are more (dangerous) places to visit now, isn’t that great?! 😈

Minor changes, corrections and additions have been made concerning sounds.

To sum up, right now I’m finishing the proofreading part and need to control a certain map (i.e. automatic checkpoints plus its puzzles) then… time for a release.

I hope you have been nice this year.

See you very soon! 💽🥳


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