Public Early Access release!

Hello stalkers! Big announcement!

Clear enough? 😄

I officially announce that Forbidden Trip, formerly known as the Cadaver Party Project, will enter the public Early Access phase for Xmas 2019 (GMT+1)! 🎉
Well that means in 23 hours! 🤩

You can download it here when it’s out! It is a 2.18gb zip archive.
Its password is party (it’s written in the description of the file)!

Forbidden Trip - Early Access (base package 1.0)

Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (base package 1.0) – Mod DB



As a reminder, this is a Total Conversion; to install it simply extract the Forbidden_Trip folder inside the archive at the root of your Amnesia: The Dark Descent folder if you use Steam. For retail edition put it in the redist folder.

Be sure to have your game up-to-date and freshly installed, which means no other mods present to avoid potential crashes/conflicts.

Check the readme file inside the archive for basic troubleshooting if you get crashes during loading screens. 😉

Dive in.

Forbidden Trip is compatible with Enhanced Shaders by Stayd !
It’s an optional feature still it’s pretty cool!

Download Stayd’s Enhanced Shaders v3.0 – Mod DB


I will be able to start updating Forbidden Trip Early Access in mid-January. There will be small size patches don’t worry.

I am waiting for you.

Since it’s an Early Access, there will be some bugs or incomplete content, some things may also change in the future… no worries.

If you need more information about the Early Access release, feel free to read the Mod DB article written for the occasion.

Opinions matter a lot

Also, please send your feedback, good or bad, that’s not a problem if you explain why, it will help me improve things! I read every message even if it’s hard to answer everyone!

See you soon stalkers, I hope you will enjoy it! ☃


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