Forbidden Trip: major content update soon!

Hey stalkers,

a quick message to let you know that progress is very good. 💪😤

Tons of new content were added, including a lot of new items.

This big patch will be released soon, it will include new maps but also lots of improvements and fixes.

I’m still hesitating to release one last big update containing everything left or divide it in two smaller updates, knowing that the first half is nearly ready to be released.
I’ll see!

Time to go see
the Doctor.

Have some screenshots while you wait and follow the Mod DB page to be notified when it’s live! 😉

Forbidden Trip - Cadaver Party Project

By the way, don’t forget to try The Woodpecker, it has been updated as well since its January release!

As usual, leave me comments and private messages if you have any problem or just want to send feedback, I take this very seriously! Also, if you can take the time to leave a review! 😊

Download The Woodpecker (1.0.3) – Mod DB The Woodpecker

Happy Friday the 13th! 😏
Take care!


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