Forbidden Trip: Early Access patch 1.3 is out!

Hey stalkers! 🤗

The 1.3 patch is available!

Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (patch 1.3 – 20200614) – Mod DB

Quick changelog:

  • This is an intermediate patch before the final big content update which will contain the rest/end of the adventure. On the menu we have…
  • One new map added; it’s unfinished but there is a big portion.
  • Episode (chapter) selection in the main menu: replay your favorite part!
    To resume where the action stopped in 1.2, select the special 1.3 episode!
  • New visual effects; during cutscenes or other special events.
  • A lot of fixes/improvements & code optimisation for the older maps.
  • Updated & added text entries.
  • Still no masseur to help you relaxing while you play. Nope. You’re on your own until the end.

Read the complete news on Mod DB here!

Have fun and take care! 💪😷


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