Forbidden Trip: Early Access patch 1.3 is out!

Hey stalkers! 🤗

The 1.3 patch is available!

Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (patch 1.3 – 20200614) – Mod DB

Quick changelog:

  • This is an intermediate patch before the final big content update which will contain the rest/end of the adventure. On the menu we have…
  • One new map added; it’s unfinished but there is a big portion.
  • Episode (chapter) selection in the main menu: replay your favorite part!
    To resume where the action stopped in 1.2, select the special 1.3 episode!
  • New visual effects; during cutscenes or other special events.
  • A lot of fixes/improvements & code optimisation for the older maps.
  • Updated & added text entries.
  • Still no masseur to help you relaxing while you play. Nope. You’re on your own until the end.

Read the complete news on Mod DB here!

Have fun and take care! 💪😷


Forbidden Trip: major content update soon!

Hey stalkers,

a quick message to let you know that progress is very good. 💪😤

Tons of new content were added, including a lot of new items.

This big patch will be released soon, it will include new maps but also lots of improvements and fixes.

I’m still hesitating to release one last big update containing everything left or divide it in two smaller updates, knowing that the first half is nearly ready to be released.
I’ll see!

Time to go see
the Doctor.

Have some screenshots while you wait and follow the Mod DB page to be notified when it’s live! 😉

Forbidden Trip - Cadaver Party Project

By the way, don’t forget to try The Woodpecker, it has been updated as well since its January release!

As usual, leave me comments and private messages if you have any problem or just want to send feedback, I take this very seriously! Also, if you can take the time to leave a review! 😊

Download The Woodpecker (1.0.3) – Mod DB The Woodpecker

Happy Friday the 13th! 😏
Take care!


The Woodpecker mod for Amnesia: released this weekend!

Hello stalkers!

A quick blog to let you know that I participated in the Frictional Fan Jam: Winter Modding Event! 👩‍💻

Come to me.

I’m a big fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. myself. Plus I’m a big fan of Amnesia, Penumbra & especially SOMA. So guess what?

I decided to create a narrative experience keeping in mind: what could happen if the worlds of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and SOMA were linked, in a parallel universe? 🤔

The Woodpecker
Coming soon in 3 days! 🤩

The themes for this jam were Winter and hibernation.

I worked hard to try producing a simple yet decent storyline in original environments you are not accustomed to in Amnesia, partly inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. titles. 📡

What do you wish?

Your goal: complete your mission. There is a good reason you came back to this place after all those years…

I hope you will have a fun time in this strange, desolated complex! 😄

Released planned for the end of the Jam, this Sunday!

Download The Woodpecker (1.0) – Mod DB

Your path has come to an end.

See you soon! 🤟


Patch 1.1 for public Early Access out!

Hey stalkers!

The 1.1 patch is out!
Thanks a lot
for your comments,
it helped me a lot! 👍

You can download it now, be sure to have the 1.0 package already installed!

Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (patch 1.1) – Mod DB

The patch brings a lot of optimization (regarding runtime crashes during loadings, also they are faster), the performance mode (aka Silent Hill mode) useful for older computers, a benchmark and various fixes!

You can get details, changelog, help & instructions by reading the complete news here on Mod DB!

See you stalkers, have fun, the best for 2020!! 👊


Public Early Access release!

Hello stalkers! Big announcement!

Clear enough? 😄

I officially announce that Forbidden Trip, formerly known as the Cadaver Party Project, will enter the public Early Access phase for Xmas 2019 (GMT+1)! 🎉
Well that means in 23 hours! 🤩

You can download it here when it’s out! It is a 2.18gb zip archive.
Its password is party (it’s written in the description of the file)!

Forbidden Trip - Early Access (base package 1.0)

Download Forbidden Trip – Early Access (base package 1.0) – Mod DB



As a reminder, this is a Total Conversion; to install it simply extract the Forbidden_Trip folder inside the archive at the root of your Amnesia: The Dark Descent folder if you use Steam. For retail edition put it in the redist folder.

Be sure to have your game up-to-date and freshly installed, which means no other mods present to avoid potential crashes/conflicts.

Check the readme file inside the archive for basic troubleshooting if you get crashes during loading screens. 😉

Dive in.

Forbidden Trip is compatible with Enhanced Shaders by Stayd !
It’s an optional feature still it’s pretty cool!

Download Stayd’s Enhanced Shaders v3.0 – Mod DB


I will be able to start updating Forbidden Trip Early Access in mid-January. There will be small size patches don’t worry.

I am waiting for you.

Since it’s an Early Access, there will be some bugs or incomplete content, some things may also change in the future… no worries.

If you need more information about the Early Access release, feel free to read the Mod DB article written for the occasion.

Opinions matter a lot

Also, please send your feedback, good or bad, that’s not a problem if you explain why, it will help me improve things! I read every message even if it’s hard to answer everyone!

See you soon stalkers, I hope you will enjoy it! ☃


Update before Early Access, happy F13th!

🔪 Hello stalkers and happy Friday the 13th! 🎶

Today I just want to give you another quick update on what’s going on!
Disclaimer: the gif above shows my current mood, it’s that good. 😏

Write, save,
recompile, test,
restart process.
Wooo, mysterious blur!! 👻

These days I essentially do a lot of proofreading as well as some edits to make sure everything is fine for the upcoming Early Access! There will be English on release, other languages may come in the future, French at least. 🥖

Since the last blog update, improvements were made on different maps, especially in the optimization & visual departments! Those were the last big tasks I had planned.
Some scripting updates were done here and there as well.

I also re-introduced and finished areas that I had removed at some point, which means there are more (dangerous) places to visit now, isn’t that great?! 😈

Minor changes, corrections and additions have been made concerning sounds.

To sum up, right now I’m finishing the proofreading part and need to control a certain map (i.e. automatic checkpoints plus its puzzles) then… time for a release.

I hope you have been nice this year.

See you very soon! 💽🥳



Relax… take a sit and a drink… 💺🍵
This is just a quick message don’t worry!

The purpose of this website is to showcase my previous, current & future works regarding modding, mapping, more generally everything related to video games creation.

I might add other things; like photography or music… I will see, not very urgent.

The current big project is Forbidden Trip, also known as the Cadaver Party Project. Started in 2013, it was more or less… erm… halted during 2018 & 2019 because of IRL work. Hey, that’s life! 😏

Now I have time for myself again so… let’s finish it. Oh well boom just like that: public early access is planned for Q4 2019.
No more delay. 📅


To resume, expect more content, other games, past or present prototypes, maps etc. in the future. That’s a strange sentence to read and I’m repeating myself, damn. Well at least I am clear… am I? 🤔

Feel free to contact me if needed and have a veeeery nice day/night, stalkers! 👺